In the world of eCommerce retargeting, performance is key. When approached by a second retargeting provider. Marketers often fear that the second retargeting will lead to worse results, cannibalization. Or higher prices for each campaign. However, competition between providers has been shown to have a positive impact on results. Advertisers often think that using more. Then one retargeting provider leads to poorer results due to bidding rivalry. The misconception is that the two will bid against each other for the same users. Which would mean paying higher prices for a particular impression.

From the Point of View of the Retargeter Adding an Additional

A quick lead is to ensure a quality scope. More than one eCommerce site will bid on a high-potential user at any one time. Having a second offer from retargeting on behalf of an advertiser reduces the Australia email list chance of losing these users. Another long-term advantage is the certainty of not paying too much. By using an effective target pay model, retargeted will adjust their roles to meet pre-agreed terms. This ensures that advertisers have more opportunities.

Technology Changes Everything Marketers Can Also Make

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Marketers can also make the mistake of assuming that every retargeting solution is the same. This leads many advertisers to not think about using a second provider because they do not see the benefits or added value in multiple retargeting strategies. Retargeting companies develop and train their technology completely unique to one another. From technologies to algorithms to business goals, each retargeting works in very different ways, producing very different results. In addition to technological differences, each re-targeter prepares its own creatives and segments users in a particular way.

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