These are some of the main conclusions of the study “AdReaction: Video Creative in a Digital World” presented by Millward Brown, which examines the multiscreen video consumption of more than 13 thousand users from 42 countries and explores the opportunities for marketing departments . Other conclusions highlight that the time dedicated to viewing digital video coincides with the time dedicated to television, but the low receptivity of digital advertisements entails greater creative challenges and adaptation to the moment of viewing by users.

Multi-screen Users Spend the Same Amount of Time

Another conclusion is that, worldwide, multiscreen users between. The ages of 16 and 45 spend more than three hours a day (204 minutes on average) watching videos. The most nigeria, with 4.5 hours and the least hungary. With an Réunion B2B List average of 2.5 hours a day. As for the devices, more than 50% occurs on television. A third is done through mobile devices (45 minutes on smartphones and 20 on tablets).And the rest (37 minutes) from laptops. The digital channel currently represents an important. Advertising opportunity for businesses, but the receptivity. Of digital video ads is much lower (19% favorable) than for television ads (29% favorable).

These Are Some of the Conclusions of the Study People Are Receptive

Réunion B2B List

Keeping tv tactics applied to digital content is simply unacceptable as consumers expect more from online advertisers.” said duncan southgate, global brand director. Millward brown digital. “By exploring behaviors and preferences related to displays and advertising. The adreaction study provides guidance to help marketing departments build effective media plans and creative. Approaches targeting the right people in the right context with the right content.

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