of variety. Easy Blog Post Structure #2: The Essay-Style Post Another popular (and very effective) content structure to follow. Is the essay-style post. Kenya Phone Number List This is a post that typically makes one key point or discusses a single topic, sometimes broken down into sections. Here’s an example of a recent essay-style Kenya Phone Number List blog post from the prolific author and marketer, Seth Godin: Example of an essay style blog post (from Seth Godin) This straightforward blog post structure can be a very useful tool for a few different types of objectives, including Personal blogging, where you may be writing about a specific event in your life Writing a “why” post (like The trap of busy by prolific author and marketer, Seth Godin) Writing a “what is” post (like What is a Blog?

An Inside Look at The WordPress Org Blogging Platform

Here in my own blogging resources section) Kenya Phone Number List An essay-style blog post is structured like this: Introduction: This is where you introduce your key topic or maybe pose a question to the reader Main Body: For an essay-style blog post structure, you’ll want to split the main body of your content into several sections. Kenya Phone Number List Usually, you’ll need between 2 and 4 subheadings. These should break your core point into smaller pieces so that you can cover different aspects of it. Ideally, you want each section to be roughly the same length. It doesn’t matter if they vary a bit. But you’ll want to avoid having 2 really short sections and 2 really long ones. With a list post, you should try to structure each section the same way.

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This isn’t necessary with an essay-style post, Kenya Phone Number List where your sections might each look quite different. For instance, one or two sections might include lists or step-by-step instructions. Conclusion: In the conclusion, you’ll want to reiterate your main point or the key thing you want your reader to remember and give them something to do next One of the best features of an essay-style blog post structure, in contrast to a list Kenya Phone Number List article, is that it naturally allows for a more creative flow of your own ideas as the writer. That’s not to say your essay-style blog post can’t benefit from little structure enhancements around the edges though. readers engaged and draw

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