The Internet is one of the great objectives of marketers because it is where their audiences are concentrated. Consumers have become Internet enthusiasts and the network accompanies them everywhere and at all times. They are always looking at a screen and they are always accessing information and data. Which makes brands want to be in that space where their potential customers are receiving. Information and consuming entertainment. Therefore, it is not surprising to discover that investment estimates and company. Plans clearly point to putting more money into the different online media.

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But even though companies spend more money on the internet than they did in the past. And even though marketers are becoming more and more aware of the power. Of the internet as a space to canada email list reach consumers, things are far from being perfect and positioning themselves. Without problems and setbacks. The internet also has problems and marketers must deal with them. In fact. Despite the growing importance of the network in the distribution of marketing budgets. Marketers recognize that they have already had to face problems on the network on a fairly recurring basis.

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What can and has gone wrong? Their responses point to recurring elements in the analysts’ analyzes and conclusions. 36% of those surveyed acknowledge that they were faced with erroneous data in measuring results and 32% that they had to act because of brand safety. Only 13% encountered online advertising fraud, although the issue is one of the most worrying. 53% (a higher number than what marketers pointed out in previous editions of the same survey) fear non-human traffic and the impact it will have on their campaigns. 44% believe that it will be one of their challenges.

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