One of the elements that have become fashionable in recent years is online videos. Consumers are seeing more and more of this content and are also responding more and more positively to it. Online videos manage to connect with audiences, who are increasingly looking for more content on-demand and more audiovisual content. Which has also made them become the favorites of brands. Companies are using these tools to position their messages and to place an element. That they have ‘burned’ in other media, such as advertisements. But, although ads for online videos are experiencing a moment of. The great boom (brands are increasingly interested in them and their prices have risen progressively in recent times). This does not necessarily mean that this advertising format. Has become a kind of miraculous balm that almost magically achieves the best results.

Therefore, Brands Have to Understand What Audiences

Consumers do not have the same ability to perceive advertising and do not receive it to the same degree at all times. According to the study data, in the mornings (and the earlier the better). Consumers are much more Buy Mexico WhatsApp Numbers receptive to ads. Not only that: also how they perceive the brand is different. The morning time slot (which in the study goes from 3 to 12 in the morning) has 17% more favorability .12% more intention to recommend the brand, and 11% more intention to purchase after seeing the announcements in those hours. The figures are much higher than the afternoon time slots, for example. Where the impact is much less high. Furthermore, the trend is curiously ‘omnigenerational’. It is found in all demographic groups.

Consumers Watch Videos From Different Devices

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Consumers watch videos from different devices and, according to data from different previous studies, they receive content better when it is served on mobile. The truth is that consumers do not use the screens uniformly throughout the day and tend to change where they see the content, and therefore the videos, throughout the day. As the YuMe study points out, smartphones are key in moments of non-leisure, while when you have free time you end up resorting to larger screens. The smartphone triumphs during the mornings, the TV and the different computer screens during the afternoon-night. Although fewer videos are seen on mobile, they look better. Mobile devices are those that accumulate fewer views.

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