The coronavirus crisis has changed many of our habits. The months of confinement made us stay directly at home but in the new normality. More so as the cases have begun to multiply – there are also consumers who reduce the time they spend outside. The home or who focus on doing so in certain moments when they believe that “There will be fewer people”. All these increases in the time we are in our homes. as well as the fear that in the winter we will experience situations of confinement again. Has changed our relationship with them. Not only have jobs increased to adjust. It to new needs or purchases of new furniture or electronic devices for the home. But many of our practices have also changed.

Direct Marketing, but Not Just ‘business as Usual’ in General

Companies must adjust to this new environment and these new patterns of activity. Restaurants and bars are doing it, for example, which is getting more and more on home delivery and take away services. In order to reach consumers who otherwise would not have. But so are companies from many other lists of company CEO email addresses Xls sectors and in many other areas. Companies are promoting their online services and electronic sales. But also all those actions that allow them to position themselves much better in this new context. Will this mean a certain revival of direct marketing techniques does? That seek to reach the consumer directly. Does this imply that the practices that took the ads to the consumer’s home return?

However, Although It Seems Clear That the Crisis Has Made Direct

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The mailbox has become the new emerging way of entering messages from brands. But it has done so underpinned by a new experience. That is, consumers have migrated consumption patterns home and that is where new customers are. Experiences and new elements of direct marketing should settle. Given that more and more things are ordered with home delivery and electronic. Commerce is used more and more, these are the channels that have to be used as access. Portal to create direct marketing experiences as well. As they point out in the analysis, they have become marketing opportunities. For which brands must better consider how they create their packaging. What makes it unique and what the unboxing experience will be like.

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