Club de cuervos the series created by gaz alazraki. And michael lam has been a success for netflix. Netflix’s income is estimated at 3 thousand 286 million dollars. Registered during the last quarter of 2017. According to its financial report. With a simple thank you is that club de cuervos generates. Interaction in social networks. The official account of the series tweeted the word and the followers. Began with various theories about it. Previous international economic scenarios of uncertainty. Led to a series of segments such as the luxury market. To dim the brilliance of big brands. Such is the case of tiffany co which for a few years has seen. Lower sales of its products. According to the merca2.0 research.

Department Luxury Items the First Items Discarded Consumers

In adverse economic circumstances however these conditions. Do not apply to the consumer. Targeted by the brand with a luxury clip. Tiffany co brand which is why social network users who have become. Aware of its existence, described Jordan B2B List such an investment as ridiculous. They questioned the publication but when they did not receive a response. They answered themselves saying that it would surely be a farewell. And that there will be no more seasons of the series. However let us remember that it had already been confirmed. That there will be a fourth season in fact.

This Was Made Known Through Video Which Salvador and Isabel

Jordan B2B List

And hugo sánchez appear. In addition among the comments. There is a billboard with the word thank you and the image. Of the ravens, which seems to be the advertising strategy. For the new season so far nothing has been. Confirmed or denied the truth is that the strategy works and this type. Of action has led the series to remain current in mexico. In a context. In which more and more platforms are launched to. Hunt for subscribers making their content exclusive. The series created by gaz alazraki and michael lam has been a success for netflix .That the filming work had already begun.


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