If you’re a marketer, you have to consider desktop use in the past, as mobile use now exceeds PC use. To take advantage of this, you can start by getting a responsive website theme. Also, you must make sure to format the content into small blocks (or paragraphs) so that it is of interest to mobile users. If you write a large article, break it up into a series of posts or at least make the content paginated. This will not scare away content overloaded mobile readers.

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The introduction of mobile radio applications such as Facebook Live. Mentions provides marketers with a great opportunity to build fan communities using mobile devices. See here for a guide to using Algeria Phone Number live. Facebook’s Instant Articles are also a great feature for getting more referral traffic. It’s now available for big publishers though. Aconcept that represents how many devices are connected to your internet and help improve consumer services.

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Bloggers can also jump on the bandwagon by innovating. Podcasts are a great way to deliver your content to listeners’ in-car music systems in headphones. 4) The phone will be the first screen: With the advent of mobilegeddon, search engines began to prefer mobile-optimized sites. In fact, the most influential marketers use mobile platforms to promote their content, and it’s clear that 2016 will be the first year of mobile. time spent on internet by device in us Top 5 Digital Marketing Predictions for the Rest of 2016!

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