In conclusion, Your show is totally in my niche of [your niche] and I wanted to see if you’re looking to add some guests to your schedule? A little about me: [two to three sentences about you and your accomplishments] I’ve already had some recent features, too, including [two to three examples of podcasts/publications]. Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List  Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List Here are a few ideas of what we could discuss during our chat. However, [Idea 1 (30 words max)] [Idea 2 (30 words max)] [Idea 3 (30 words max)] I’d Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List. In other words, Happy to have you on a future episode of my podcast, [Your podcast title], too. In other words, Drop me a line and we’ll get a date and time set up.

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Cheers, [Your name] Template #9: Invitation to an Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List webinar or virtual event When you run great webinars and events, you want to make sure as many people know about them as possible.  Don’t miss our webinar, {First name}!  at {Your company name], I’ve got a lot of love for your work in the area of [their niche] and it seems like Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List our interests cross paths, so I’m inviting you to my upcoming webinar. It’s planned for [date] with [Name of speaker one] and [Name of speaker two] included on the panel.

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I’d love for you to be there to hear what the Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List has to say about [webinar topic] and even jump in on the Q&A session we’ve got planned. Here’s a link to the sign-up page so we can keep you posted about updates: [webinar URL] See you there! Cheers, Now Over to You That’s everything! Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List Luckily, you don’t need to.

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