Page speed is essentially the time it takes for a website to display all of its content from the moment the website is accessed. If your website has a lot of images, it will take longer to load the page. Images are one of the Lithuania Phone Number elements on a web page and require a lot of processing power and time to display. Every website is hosted on a server that contains all the files and elements of the website. Every time you enter a website’s URL, your web browser downloads the element from the server and displays it to you.

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Each element is in bytes. Therefore, the more elements on a website, the more bytes a web browser must download before displaying the website. This means longer loading times. To reduce the time it takes for a web browser to download data from a website server, it is best to reduce the size of website elements. Elements typically contain your Lithuania Phone Number graphic elements, style code, website code, etc. Images and videos are the heaviest/largest files to download. Why is page speed essential?

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Page speed is critical for several reasons Site ranking Google has repeatedly stated. That page speed is an important ranking factor for a site in its search results. This means that if a site loads faster compared to similar sites for the same search query, the faster site will rank higher. Higher rankings are directly related to traffic, making it a Lithuania Phone Number website optimization for developers. User Experience : It is always a frustrating experience for users to wait for a website to load. Most of the time, if a website takes a long time to load the user will leave. The website and visit another website with similar content/product/service.

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