There was a time when brand managers and media audiences did nothing more than bet their chips on Facebook. Facebook was what the experts who were beginning to analyze the impact of social networks were promising. It was a scenario where things worked very well if you wanted to share a message. The potential audiences were millionaires and accumulating fans and more fans made it very easy to achieve better results than what was achieved using other tools. The messages appeared in the feeds of the consumers/recipients and the news had spikes in the audience and the brands managed to get their updates to spread rather massively. It was a ‘win-win’ as the business gurus would say.

The One in Which Everyone Won, Reached a Point of Change

But the win-win relationship, the one in which everyone won. Reached a point of change in which some won and others did not. The successive changes in the algorithm that organizes. The Facebook news feed had an impact Buy Qatar WhatsApp Numbers first on what the brands were doing and then on. The use that the media made of the social network. First some and then others. They all began to lose reach and their updates. That previously reached large audiences (and that made them partly dependent on what was happening on the social network: not a few media outlets had one of their main sources of traffic). Began to reach fewer and fewer people and became more invisible.

When Facebook Began to Change the Rules of the Game

Given this new situation, the players who have lost out are either falling for what facebook is promoting and paying for advertising, or they are opting for ways outside the social network. The media and brands are experimenting with alternative social networks (brands are even seeing a growth of branded social networks) and, above all, they are recovering elements that they already used in the past and that had been somewhat forgotten. Media and brands are returning to the digital tools they were using in the past, which are seeing a new renaissance amid facebook’s organic reach blackout.

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