This is added that the channels that work in the connection. With consumers are less and less outside the control of the companies. “Many of these channels are not controlled by marketers.” “Consumers are increasingly the ‘curators’ of their own journeys,” he notes, making the change a complete break from the traditional balance. The usual has ceased to be worth in this context, things cannot continue to be the same. Because they no longer work. It is not enough to continue launching messages en masse, but you have to position yourself in a different way.

Emotional Connections Have Gained Ascendancy Over Marketing

Analysts believe that the very essence of what marketing is should change. Something that can be seen from a critical point of view, true, but still says a lot about how things are and where they are going. The industry. Thus, as explained by the CEO for the Americas of Dentsu aegis network, nick brien. At a conference on the marketing industry and as stated in war . “The industry is a bit of a mess” and has to migrate from one model to another. Another in your strategy. His proposal is to move from marketing to what he calls “Mattering”, or what is the Brunei B2B List same that the essence of everything that is done is based on creating significant relationships. Attractive experiences, and other elements that make connections with consumers deep.

The Recommendation Is Aimed Above All at Agencies

Brunei B2B List

The consumer changes, marketing too and, of course, this proposal does not come from anywhere. The manager’s proposal is based on how things have changed and the situation in which companies have to move right now. On the one hand, the crucial element that has become established as the key to connecting. With consumers (and to operating in the industry) is trust. On the other hand, a change is taking place in the structure that has moved the centers of power in terms of messages. As the expert recalls, consumers have more and more control over the relationship they establish with brands.

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