Not only can images make or break the look of your page, but they can also make or break your page speed. Be sure to optimize your image file size for the web. Placing many unoptimized images on your website can slow down your page significantly. Also remember to add alt tags to your images. Alternative labels As mentioned above, you need to add an alt tag to the image . Alt tags make your pages more accessible to handicapped website users.

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Your meta description should read naturally and intelligently. Write compelling, relevant copy to get users to click! Use active voice and include a call to action. Avoid using your meta description multiple times on USA Phone Number website (to avoid duplicate meta descriptions). title tag Your title tags ,should all be optimized using keywords or keyword synonyms. This is to ensure that Google and other search engines understand that your content is optimized for specific keywords. Also, title tags break down your content for easier reading.

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Use the most important keywords at the top and make sure to mix them throughout the title, don’t include your keyword in every title. To prevent your keywords from being used in every title. Use synonyms instead picture Images are also an important aspect of SEO. One of the benefits of images is that they break down your content and provide USA Phone Number for what the user is reading. For example, an infographic will provide specific details about what they’re reading and “highlight” the most important parts of your content. Screenshots tell them what steps to take, along with photos, icons, and graphics to help make your page look better or give more context to sections of your page.

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