Marketing with influencers has become one of the favorite elements of brands in recent. Times and there are several reasons that explain this growing success. Consumers are less and less responsive to traditional advertising. While at the same time becoming more receptive to messages they receive from other avenues. The advice of friends and family has become an increasingly valued prescriber of consumption and one. That has more and more weight in purchasing decisions. So much so that brands encourage more and more that their consumers talk about them through those channels. On the other hand, experts are becoming more valued as sources of consumer information.

The Famous of All Life Are Seeing Therefore How Their Role

Internet experts are taking an increasing share of the cake and are becoming the big winners in the market. Thus becoming the new big favorites of brands. Studies have been showing how brands are getting more and more on them and how the weight. That these influencers have in advertising budgets is increasing. But, despite the fact that their weight in the advertising market is Buy Slovenia WhatsApp Numbers growing progressively. Influencers also have their dark side. And it is that, despite having burst onto the internet in. A big way and despite being increasingly important in the field of digital marketing. They are not really knowing how to play by the rules of the world of advertising. Influencers are playing in a different way and that is not always very consistent with the rules that prevail in the field.

With Making It Clear to Consumers That What They Are Seeing

One of the most notorious cases of recent times was carried out by PewDiePie, the protagonist of an investigation by the American FTC (the equivalent of the old CMT in Spain) that concluded that he was playing the mistake in advertising. According to the study’s conclusions, Warner Brothers would have paid large amounts of money to famous YouTubers to talk about their products, but without making it clear that these messages were advertising. The paid-for content was left in the very hidden small print. PewDiePie was not the only one (the research speaks of popular users) but he was the one who has been given a name and, in addition, he is the YouTuber who earns the most money with his work.

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