On the other hand, VPNs also offer plenty of benefits to online professionals. In this article I describe how a VPN can be a thorn in the side of a marketer, but I also show that you can use it as a handy tool. How does VPN work? First a brief explanation of what a Virtual Private Network does. You can create an encrypted connection with a secure VPN server from your own device.

Objective search engine research

This server securely forwards your data to its destination. This destination (for example, a website) can only see the IP address and location of the VPN server. The encryption also ensures that, if your data is intercepted, it is unreadable for the relevant miscreant (read: hacker, internet Algeria Email Lists provider, government). It’s nice that consumers are going to use a VPN en masse, but what negative result does this have on your efforts to recruit customers, score conversions and identify visitors? Advertising: sharpshot or hail?

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The acidity of VPN

We are happy to provide users with targeted advertisements. After all, there is information about which search terms they have used before and which websites they have visited. VPN use provides a major blow in the wheel here. Although individual VPN users can be tracked just as well within a single browser session, cookies are of course much less effective if they cannot be linked to a longer browsing and search history. In addition, there are VPNs that act as ad blockers .

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