It is a great dilemma, although there are appraisers and specialized companies. That has and uses formulas that are capable of determining the price or potential of a company. First of all, to comment that, although the two variables that I mention. Since there are other factors that cause the price to fluctuate based on them. In this context, I would like to convey my opinion on what to base the value or potential of a company. It would be “Short” for me not to contemplate many variables that undoubtedly add or diminish its value. But I think it is decisive and for those professional appraisers sometimes. They do not have much influence because they focus on issues such as fixed assets.

A Factor That Determines What Value We Can Assign to an

A company is worth what it has and what it is capable of generating. What it has, its assets, and other financial variables if profitability and income are not generated with acceptable levels of debt. It is ephemeral, and that is marketing together with Czech Republic WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists efficient internal management. Who achieves it. Therefore, in my opinion, your company is worth as much or has as much potential as the marketing. That you are capable of developing, the rest of the variables being important. They only describe a specific situation at a specific moment. So everything you invest in efficient marketing will be rewarded. An increase in value and potential in your organization.

This Reasoning That May Seem Very Reductionist

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This reasoning may seem very reductionist if we stop for a moment to analyze it. We will see that it is not so much the same. Marketing in the business world is understood as the ability and potential to market solutions for customers profitably and achieve high levels of loyalty. Is the factor or function that determines the functioning of the rest of the organization. So in relation to its potential or value, we will have the functional value of the company, the value of what the company is capable of achieving. Of selling or obtaining. It is clear that the assets you have. Your debt ratio, your fixed assets, your cash flow. All of these are factors that show a static value, the marketing capacity shows its dynamic value.

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