The online universe has been configured as a space of value for brands and companies. To achieve their goals and increase their profits in terms of buying and selling. By customers and their loyalty. However, not all of them manage to achieve it at the same speed and intensity. That is why brands and companies consider that currently their. Main challenges in the online environment are found in the marketing of the content. They publish and in the monetization of the native advertising in which they invest.

Although the Document Establishes That Although

This is the main conclusion reached by a recent report published by the companies pulsepoint and digiday. Although the document establishes that although both indicators are important for advertisers. Content marketing plays Canadian CFO Email Lists an even more notable role. Than native advertising in their online marketing strategies. To do this, both companies have surveyed more than 500 brands. Agencies and publishers in the united states and the united kingdom. In this sense, both types of marketing strategies fulfill, for the interviewees, different objectives.

Through the Increase of Their Time on Their Pages

Canadian CFO Email Lists

This research has also carried out an analysis of what are the main obstacles that brands encounter. When it comes to achieving their goals online. Among them, the lack of budget and resources stands out. An argument cited by 55% of those interviewed. A limit that, however, companies have decided to face. And it is that according to the investigation. 59% of those surveyed expect to change their budget in the next two years. Specifically, the interest of the interviewees is to increase. Their budget with regard to content marketing. An opinion shared by 46% of those surveyed. For whom native advertising is important and they plan to increase their spending on this marketing strategy. This attitude is, for those responsible for research. The way forward to reduce the uncertainty to which companies are exposed in the digital environment.

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