Digital transformation, new era, cutting-edge technologies, Business Intelligence… we live in a time of great change. An exciting moment in history that few of us have the opportunity to experience from a professional and personal perspective. In this change of era, focused one hundred percent on growth and sales. Companies like Amazon, Google, and apple has opted for new ways of working. Acting, operating, experimenting differently from companies with conventional procedures that do not take advantage of the new. Digital marketing nor do they incorporate new and innovative tools to boost their business.

In Digital Marketing We Handle Technicalities That It Is Necessary

The customer journey or customer journey is a process in which all the steps. That the lead performs until they acquire the product are compiled, that is. From when they come into Pakistan mobile number data contact until they become a customer, or better, a fan. It is a life cycle in which the lead and the seller are in contact. On the one hand, it is an opportunity to gain customer loyalty, and on the other. The company collects important information in each of the phases. That the customer goes through that will help them improve their experience. Therefore, we could summarize that the customer journey is all the moments of contact. That has existed between the lead and the seller.

Sales Funnel to Fully Understand What the Customer

The sales funnel could be divided into 4 phases: attraction, interaction, conversion, and loyalty. In the first phase, the funnel is quite wide, that is, the filtering is not so strict because its objective is to attract and reach more interested people. The second phase consists of identifying, within the majority of selected people, those who would most likely heed our call. Once we have selected, we will try to talk or interact with him. The third phase would be in which the lead becomes a client, for this after our first contact, we will give way to them and let them approach. If they do, then they are really interested. Finally, there is the loyalty phase, an important phase that we should not overlook.

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