Video has become fashionable in recent years in a very powerful way. As consumers watched more videos on their mobile devices and as they devoted more time and attention to them. More interest was aroused by the format among brands. If we add to this the fact that video has become one of the few formulas to reach. Consumers in some scenarios, as is the case with Facebook, can have a complete picture of why brands and companies have launched the conquest of this content. Either by producing their own videos or positioning themselves in the videos of others.

The Video Has Been Firmly Installed in the Midst

And things will not change in the immediate future. The video has been firmly installed in the midst of the positioning strategy of brands and companies. And it seems that little or nothing will be able to france business email list move it from there. Take, for example, the fact that 79% of marketers are responsible for leading brands’ plans. To increase their video advertising budgets by 2018 as a study has just shown. Despite this continued interest. And despite the fact that marketers’ connection to video will continue, the relationship will not be without problems. Marketers will have to face new challenges and will also lose some of their confidence. That they have previously placed in their video strategies.

What Problems Do Brands and Companies Have to Take on When

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What problems do brands and companies have to take on when they start making videos? According to the study data, they believe that there are three issues that work as a burden. There is the budget, the lack of expertise within the company on this issue, and prioritization (other things come before this). The costs are seen as a big problem since 45% consider that it is not possible to be creative efficiently for less than 20,000 dollars.

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