One of the recurring summer activities is the music festivals. As soon as the days of good weather and heat begin, so do the festivals. Its convening power is usually very high and it also tends to reach specific consumer niches. Festivals do their own audience profiling and often create specific groups that they connect within a powerful way. Consumers are also traveling on a recurring basis to attend music festivals, doing so more and more internationally. A couple of years ago, there was already talk of “Festival”, the summer trend of traveling to destinations only for the music festivals they offered. According to data from a last-minute study, 47% of those surveyed were then willing to travel beyond their countries to go to a festival.

For Brands and Companies, Music Festivals Have Become an Opportunity

Experts believe that festivals are the ideal place to capture consumers because attendees are high. Motivated by what they are going to see (which makes them a very interesting affinity audience). They are a very niche audience and their Ghana WhatsApp Number List are also many opportunities to generate high engagement. But the potential of summer music festivals does not end there for brands and companies. Since at the same time these meetings can become catwalks to make the marketing strategy much more effective. They are an opportunity, for example. To do experiential marketing and to connect much better with consumers.

Festivals a Paradise of Data as Explained in an Analysis by the Uoc

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Technology is increasingly present in them and is associated with more and more daily activities that consumers carry out during those days. It is becoming, for example, more common to incorporate technology for payment. In last year’s edition of Sónar, in Barcelona, ​​the organization distributed some 60,000 RFID wristbands to make payments among its 126,000 attendees. These types of systems not only make consumers spend more (some studies say that they spend 15% more) but they are also increasingly popular and more present and allow, perhaps more relevant data for companies, to collect data about what festival-goers consume, when and how much.

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