As happens every year around this time, the big news in the culture and entertainment industry is the imminent announcement of the films that are candidates for the different categories of the Oscars. The Hollywood Oscars, since they appeared decades ago, have become the key element of the film industry. In theory, they are the award for the best film of the year (for the American industry, but in the end it is the industry with global impact) and a critical guide to what has been done well. Actually, the Oscars are one of the high points of the film industry in economic terms. Winning one of the awards can boost careers and is one of the most successful films, both in terms of nominations and awards, can be an impressive box office boost.

What Is Being Done Is of Quality and Up to Par

The great engine of film marketing for this edition of the gala is netflix. They already managed to sneak into the nominations last year with mudbound (but left without awards) and this year is throwing. The house out the Cook Islands B2B List window to try to position itself much better in the race. Given that this year it has in its hands a film that critics have awarded en masse at film festivals. The giant is starting from a much more comfortable position so that the investment in marketing is profitable for them. Shortly after the films nominated for the awards are announced. Netflix has already left a millionaire amount in the promotion of the film. It’s not just about getting Roma to win, but also about making it a key part of their corporate identity.

The American media has asked different players in the industry

Cook Islands B2B List

They are an 800-ton gorilla,” said one of the publicists involved in the campaign in general. “It seems they have unlimited resources,” he noted. As they conclude in the middle, netflix is ​​spending more money than ever and they are following all. The possible ways to promote their films in the awards season. And, furthermore, this year they want to win their oscar: not doing so would be almost like a failure. To do so, they are not only investing a lot of money, but they are also making strategic. Signings that help them position themselves better. For example, they have been done with the company of a consultant. Lisa taback, who had previously promoted the race to the prizes of other films.

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