Companies and brands need to reach consumers and position themselves in an attractive and outstanding way in front of them. To achieve this, they use all possible weapons and all available tools. They need, after all, to convince the market. And, of course, those weapons are not always the same and they are not exactly. The same departments and the same professionals. Communication departments, marketing departments, and advertising departments are used. Although it may sometimes seem that the lines that separate and unite them are very blurred. The reality is their responsibilities, their way of acting. And even what you believe to be primordial are not always the same things.

In Fact, the Latest Study on Priorities and Strategies of Marketers

The latest study on priorities and strategies of marketers and advertisers shows that. The position of the two groups on a key element is different. In recent years, customer experience has become something of. A recurring element in Australia Business Fax List marketing and strategy analyses, and one of the usual elements in lists of recommendations. What to do and how to connect with consumers.The latest digital trends report. Produced by adobe and consultancy, makes this clear. Customer experience is not what advertisers are most concerned about. As much as it is what keeps marketers up at night.

Thus, Marketers Make It Clear That for Them the Priority

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This means that sometimes one collides with the other and that in general, the brand transmits. A fragmented image or one that is not consistent with its consumers. “Both strategies have value, but to be efficient they need to be integrated.” says one of those responsible for the study. The marketing and advertising departments have to be able to work in parallel but also in a coordinated way. They need to start from common points and firm foundations. In the study, they bet because they both have to start in that customer experience that marketers lose sleepover.

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