Marketers have to worry about many things if they want to reach consumers well and if they want them to efficiently perceive the messages they launch. The list is very extensive and covers many and varied requirements that brand managers have to strictly adhere to if they really want to be successful. Thus, they have to be increasingly careful with the type of content they use, with the way in which they position it in the different channels, with the channels they use and even with the way in which they select the groups that will receive their messages.

Demographic Targeting Still Working or Should They

But the truth is that the list of things that brands and their. Managers have to take into account is not only longer and more varied every day. But also covers more elements every day, including some that are surprising. Because in that list of Buy Georgia WhatsApp Numbers issues that can influence how consumers perceive the brand. Messages and how they respond to them, they now also have to include genetics. Genes also affect the relationship of consumers with brands. Since, as a study on the subject has just discovered, genetics have a direct impact on the online behavior of consumers.

The Data in Figures the Conclusions Are That Genetic Inheritance

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As Warc points out, this changes things. Both marketers and publishers of online media will also have to face the genetic load. Which makes internet users show more or less engagement with the contents on the network. These surprising data have just been made public by a study that has been published in the scientific medium plos one. The study has started from a base of 8,500 adolescents, who have been the guinea pigs. The sample included fraternal twins. Who only share 50% of the genetic load, and identical twins, who share 100% of it, in order to compare how they respond to stimuli in the network.

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