That’s it. I prefer to keep things simple and only add Belarus WhatsApp Number List more complexity if I absolutely need it. Finding clients Okay so now that we’ve got the basics out of the way, it’s time for the exciting bit: FINDING CLIENTS! This is the part that makes or breaks freelancers. And the first thing to understand is that you are not looking for people who you can sell your services to… You are not looking for jobs you can land… Belarus WhatsApp Number List You are looking for clients who you can help. I cannot underscore enough how important this is. You have to make a shift in your mind from SELLING to HELPING. And once you do, it will help you sort through opportunities much faster.

Standard Operating Procedures.

Because you’ll instantly be able to see who you Belarus WhatsApp Number List can help and who you can’t. For me, I know that I’m going to do direct response copywriting for the health and financial niches… So I only look for those types of companies. I create my own list first and then turn to Solidgigs to supplement it with opportunities. On day 1 of the challenge, building my list was my entire focus. Reaching out and closing the Belarus WhatsApp Number List deals I’m sure you’re all wondering, “What do your outreach messages say?” But the short answer is: it depends! Every one of my outreach emails/messages is different. That’s actually the entire point! You want them to be personal.

Bomorrow: Next Business Day (Business day + Tomorrow).

You don’t want to just carpet bomb list of people Belarus WhatsApp Number List with emails that all sound the same…pitching your services. People can tell when they get those generic messages. And while they sometimes work out, I prefer to focus on quality of emails sent vs quantity of outreach. So you’ll notice that I only sent about 12 outreach emails…which normally wouldn’t cut it. I’m still a far cry from needing to employ one of the Belarus WhatsApp Number List best CRMs for entrepreneurs with my freelance process for now. But it’s the quality of those messages that matters. So let me show you some examples and how the conversations played out. First up, was an email I sent for a gig I found on SolidGigs.

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