Digital channels gain prominence year after year, and a good proof that they are already a marketing must is that even the most reluctant brands to use them are increasing their budget for online advertising. And a good example is luxury brands, one of the sectors where traditional media (especially magazines) continue to attract all the attention. Perhaps they fear that digital banners “cheap” the perception of the brand or perhaps it is only due to the survival of old customs, but in any case, it seems that the situation is changing.

The Most Curious Thing Is That This Increase in Online Spending

According to a study by MediaRadar, luxury fashion brands have multiplied their spending on digital ads this year. And in fact, during this month of September, there were 52% more brands advertising on the Internet compared to 2014. This is accompanied by the entry into the commerce of many firms that until now had resisted, but cannot deny the evidence that. Even in such an Uzbekistan B2B List exclusive market, being offline is giving ground to competitors. The most curious thing is that this increase in online spending has not been accompanied by. A reduction in the budget allocated to print media, at least nothing remarkable. Although spending by luxury fashion brands on magazine ads was down 2% from last year. If you look at just the top publications, you find that spending on them increased by 15%.

They Explain From Mediaradar to Digiday That Fashion

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The slow pace with which fashion brands walk towards digital advertising can be explained for various reasons. The first, as we pointed out before because they fear that an online store or an internet advertisement could dilute. The perception of exclusivity of the brand, but also because there is more room to unleash .Creativity in print media, or because of the consumption of advertisements as part of the reading. Experience of certain fashion magazines. Without forgetting that on the internet, according to these luxury firms. It is more difficult to know who is really receiving the message, something essential for them.

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