One of the elements that have burst onto the scene in recent times is live video. It all started a few years ago with a few pioneering apps that began to offer tools. That allowed them to provide this service and try to broadcast content live. At the time they aroused a lot of interest and it seemed that everyone was talking about them. Rather than becoming an independent element and themselves the new ‘big thing’ on the network. They were the catalyst for a process of change and what ended up pushing. The great players of social networks to enter a new market. Since these apps began to popularize the segment. The live video became the latest trend and the different companies on social networks began to play with it to position it.

Live Streaming Video First Became the Service That All These

And that is what is starting to happen with live streaming. Although brands should ask themselves how social media users are using them. If it really pays off as much as it seems, and also if they are not getting carried away by the Buy Guatemala WhatsApp Numbers hype as they already are. It has happened so many times. And it is that the data on live video consumption in recent times is somewhat striking and invites us to reflect on the issue. In general, and as a study by the UBS evidence lab compiled by marketer points out. During the second half of 2016, the consumption of live videos on social networks fell slightly. 36% of internet users (based on us sample) watched the live video during the analyzed period. Which represents a drop of two percentage points compared to the data of the previous semester.

Facebook Is the One Who Seems to Be Coming Out Better

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And this data, which does not necessarily indicate that the live video market will die before it has taken off, is a powerful alert for brands and, above all, one that makes it clear that things are still to be defined. As an eMarketer analyst points out, these data make it clear that the market is still in its infancy and that there is a lot to develop. The platforms are still mainly linked to other types of content and the market has not yet reached its splendor. If Facebook is in the position it is in, it is actually because it is the one that has been working the most in the segment in recent months. As the analyst points out, his efforts are paying off.

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