In this way, an essential resource to guarantee the quality standard in the content produced for your company is the Style Guide . This document should function as a detailed manual whose main objective is to guide the people who work in your company’s dissemination channels and standardize the language, tone of voice and structure of the pieces created. It is in this material where you will make it clear to your employees and service providers what you expect from this job. Ideally, it’s not so basic that it leaves a lot of open questions, but it’s also not too rigid to compromise the creative freedom of producers.

It is in this material where you will make

Organize your content production Creating random posts is not the right way. Remember that one of the great proposals of Content Marketing is to Controlling Directors Email Lists educate the audience and guide them on the purchase journey, resolving their doubts and generating value. Some examples of formats for each stage of the funnel are: mouth: blog posts, infographics, videos, and interactive materials like quizzes; medium: blogposts, podcasts, webinars, ebooks, and quizzes; background : success stories, testimonials, reviews and demos.

It is essential to align deliverables

Controlling Directors Email Lists

Create an editorial calendar The editorial calendar is nothing more than the chronological planning of your content production process. It is essential to align deliverables and meeting publication deadlines, especially when managing projects with many professionals involved. The calendar allows you to have a strategic vision of your Internet marketing actions and avoids common problems, such as keyword cannibalism or “gaps” in certain topics that can force the public to look for answers in another blog.

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