If you want a deeper dive into picking a clear, research-backed Peru Email List niche for your travel blog, read my in-depth guide: How to Pick a Niche to Blog About (+21 Profitable Niche Blog Examples). Now that you’ve settled on a clear travel Peru Email List blogging niche, let’s tackle the next phase in your blogging journey. 2. Choose Your Travel Blog’s Name (Wisely) Choosing a blog name (that’s both interesting and still has a .com available) for Peru Email List your travel blog, may not be so easy. How to Pick a Travel Blog Name (Screenshot of Travel Blog Name Example) As a starting point, pay careful consideration to making sure you choose a travel blog name that: Is descriptive of your niche (if possible) Reflects your own brand and style Boosts your blog’s SEO opportunities.

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A (a name that includes your main keyword if possible) Peru Email List Adapted straight from my ultimate guide about how to name a blog, here are a few quick tips and easy techniques that are specifically designed to help with naming your travel blog. 10 Quick Travel Blog Naming Tips and Techniques Read a book (or article) within your travel Peru Email List niche to uncover new words and potential names Dust off your thesaurus or dictionary and search for catchy words Try alliteration to come up with a travel blog name (Budget Boating, The Trippy Traveler, Wander Well) Find a good Peru Email List pun for your travel blog name (In Tents Camping, Girl Gone Travel) Use humor (Do You Even Travel?, Fit Bottomed Girls) Unrelated words can be more memorable Use your own name or nickname if you’re.

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Having trouble Brainstorm words that Peru Email List relate to your niche (wayfarer, grifter, vagrant, nomad, adventurer, wanderer) Take a break and try something new (go for a walk in nature to seek inspiration) Use made up words (get creative, there are no wrong answers) Another useful tip when picking a travel blog name, is to avoid Peru Email List words that are either cliche (as they’ve been overused) or can be easily misspelled. Also, make sure that your blog name is memorable as you’ll (ideally) be using it as your domain name as well. Finally, here’s a quick video breakdown of my best advice on how to pick a strong name for a blog: 3. Peru Email List Select a Blog Hosting Platform For your travel blog to be publicly viewable on the Internet, you’ll need to: Get a blog hosting plan Register your domain name.

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