Descriptions that are too long are cut off, but when they’re too short you’re missing out on precious real estate. 6. Is Your Keyword Phrase Unique? Another thing that Yoast searches for is if you’ve used the keyword in Tunisia Email List previous blog posts. Tunisia Email List In most cases, you will only use a specific target keyword phrase once. You may choose to do other blog posts that are similar to drive traffic for similar searches, but the exact keyword phrase is usually only used once per blog. 7. SEO in Image Alt Attributes Image alt Tunisia Email List attributes, also known as “alt tag” or “alt description,” is the HTML attribute used to provide a text alternative for images used on websites. When you add an alt tag to an image you’re showing search engine crawlers what the images are.

Best Blog Examples 2022: Key Takeaways

A search engine can’t identify the manner of images Tunisia Email List without alt attributes—so it’s another way to boost your SEO. 8. Length of Your Blog Post Another thing that can help with your SEO optimization is the length of your blog posts. Longer posts—with meaningful helpful writing—tend to perform better than blog Tunisia Email List posts that are less than 1,000 words. According to Yoast, defining the text length of your blog post is quite obvious: it’s how long your text is. But, why does it matter? Well, you have a higher Tunisia Email List chance of ranking in Google if you write long, high-quality blog posts, of 1,000 words or more… When your text is longer, Google has more clues to determine what it’s about. The longer your (optimized) text, the more often your focus keyword phrase appears.

Find A Niche You Care About

This is no excuse for keyword phrase Tunisia Email List stuffing though! If you optimize your copy naturally, your focus keyword phrase will pop up here and there throughout your text. You can also fit in more synonyms and related keyword phrases. In a longer post, you can add more headings, links, and images—wherein you can also Tunisia Email List mention the keyword phrase, where relevant and natural. So the more content you can fit into a blog post (while still adding value to readers)

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