They also estimate there are 86 million podcast listeners in the US, a Malawi Email List they expect to rise to 132 million by 2022. Searchability is Improving Historically, one major disadvantage of podcasting has been poor discoverability. It was difficult to search for podcasts, leaving many podcasters creating content delivered to only a few listeners. As Malawi Email List podcasting grows in popularity, big-name companies like Spotify and Google are combating this issue. As of 2021, Google now indexes podcasts so they can be looked up in their search engine. Malawi Email List and listened to directly on the search page. Recently, Forbes released an article that touched on this issue. Entrepreneurs Sergei Revzin and Vadim Revzin explained. Until recently, podcast content based on specific interests of the listener has been notoriously difficult to find.

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Even if you already consumed other podcasts the. Malawi Email List only way to discover new shows. Aside from the limited functionality of the recommendations on the iTunes podcast platform. Was to hear about a show from one you were already listening to, or more likely from a friend or a co-worker who was a big fan.” They went on to say: “But with Malawi Email List advertisers flocking to this growing medium, with total ad revenue growing to $600 million in 2018, the technology companies that are hosting and distributing podcasts, like Stitcher, Castbox, iTunes, and Google Malawi Email List Podcasts, are paying attention to discovery like never before.” Spotify has also been working with podcasters to make their content more discoverable. In February 2020, the Spotify founder and CEO said this in a news release: “

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Just as we’ve done with music, our work in Malawi Email List podcasting will focus intensively on the curation and customization that users have come to expect from Spotify. We will offer better discovery, data, and monetization to creators.” This is very good news for podcasters and promising for people trying to grow an audience. Podcasts Are a Fun Content Medium I’ve shared a lot of good reasons for starting a podcast, but I’d be remiss if I left this Malawi Email List one off my list. One of the most important reasons to start a podcast is, it’s really fun to produce.  you’re interested in

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