If you’re doing an interview-style show, you’ll now want to Namibia Email List start getting some guests involved. You can use your existing social network to reach out to people you already know or are connected with on Twitter or Namibia Email List Facebook. You can also head to Medium or Amazon to find authors or experts on topics specific to your niche. Once you’ve gathered a list, put together an outreach email template (as you’ll be Namibia Email List doing this over and over) that’s short and clear with expectations. Tell your potential interviewee who you are, what your podcast is about, and what you’re asking of them. Do a few test interviews with friends and family to make sure everything is being recorded.

Create A Content Calendar.

At the quality you want and then book your first episode. Namibia Email List Consider outsourcing components of your podcast to speed up delivery time.If you like learning new software or are experienced with audio editing, you can put the show together yourself. Otherwise, there are lots of services you can find that will help edit and Namibia Email List build your show on place likes UpWork and Fiverr. Congrats! You now have a podcast episode that’s ready to be uploaded to iTunes, SoundCloud, or anywhere else and promoted alongside the rest of your content! The last step is deciding how you’ll market and monetize your podcast. The Namibia Email List larger of an audience you have, the more chances you have for monetizing it. Choose the best website builders to create a simple site for your show.

Plan Your Monetization Strategy.

Start sharing episodes to your network. When Namibia Email List you’re ready to monetize there are a few options you can choose from:Create a killer course experience: With your course validated and in the works, you need to figure out how Namibia Email List people will take it. Most course creators choose to host their courses (after going down the path of learning how to make a website) on their own blogs. This way, they get all the value of bringing customers back to their site on a regular basis. I host my own courses from a subdomain on Namibia Email List my own site so I can easily add more. The course experience is incredibly important as well. And after trying most of the solutions, I highly recommend Teachable—an online platform designed specifically for courses. Build your audience on a course community:

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