And doing so especially around your work if you Russian Federation Email List still hold a full-time job. Start with Close Destinations If you’re still dependent on your day job, it can be difficult to travel as often as you may like. One way to overcome this challenge in the early days of your travel blog, is to take short trips to nearby destinations. This will Russian Federation Email List help you: Test out your equipment Practice taking photos (and videos) Try your hand at creating content for your blog Begin sharing on social media and interacting with potential readers For your first couple of trips, I recommend choosing nearby destinations that are exciting, won’t take too much time to research & plan—and of course make sure they’re destinations your Russian Federation Email List audience will be interested in. Plan Your Trip Ahead of Time While this may seem like an obvious step for travel bloggers, it still needs to be mentioned.

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The vast majority of travel bloggers plan Russian Federation Email List their trips ahead of time (taking into account the locations they want to visit and content they want to get), rather than completely winging it when they show up at a new destination. Consider also that you may want to schedule your trip to take place during an upcoming 3-day weekend, so that you won’t need to take time off from work. A few main things to focus on as you plan Russian Federation Email List your first travel blogging trip include: Deciding on the destination and main facets of your trip Budgeting how much you want to spend (and how) Accommodations (hotel vs Airbnb) Meal planning (restaurants vs shopping & cooking) Travel style arrangements (solo or group).

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Documentation (what you want to Russian Federation Email List capture and write about) Make sure to keep a journal where you note everything about your travel plans. Better yet, use your travel blog to journal about your trip preparation in public for your readers to see and learn from. That process will not only help you perfect your Russian Federation Email List own trip planning process over time, but it’ll also forge stronger bonds with readers who feel they’re participating in the adventure with you. Plus, you may just get some Russian Federation Email List good tips (or requests) for activities to do on your trip. And if you’re having trouble with your content planning efforts, you can grab my free blog planner bundle and turn things up a notch today.

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