Consider Your Branding An important factor to Qatar Email List consider when designing your travel blog is branding. Take for example, the homepage design of my good friend Selena Taylor’s travel blog—Find Us Lost. Find Us Lost Homepage Screenshot (Travel Blog Design Example) As you can see, there’s a very clear set of complementary colors, Qatar Email List text styles and prominent use of her original photographs being displayed on their homepage. Selena has a very well-defined brand for her travel blog. Keep in mind that while today you may be an unknown (brand new) travel blogger, it’s important that you nail your branding right from Qatar Email List the start. The two most important aspects of travel blog branding you need to consider today are: Blog aesthetics. This deals with how your travel blog will look. Use colors and images that reflect your own unique approach to your niche.

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Blog personality. Your travel blog’s personality includes factors like your Qatar Email List writing tone and conversation style. It also has to do with the vibe you want your blog to have—which will do a lot in terms of attracting (or repelling) certain types of people. Keep in mind too, that your travel blog’s About Me page will likely be frequented by readers, so Qatar Email List put a little extra care into designing that page. Use the Right WordPress Theme A WordPress theme is a free (or low-cost) piece of software that you can install on your WordPress-powered blog, and it helps easily control/edit the overall look of your travel blog. Every theme will give your Qatar Email List blog a different visual layout and display your content in different ways. If you’re not sure which theme to use when starting your travel blog.

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I’d recommend evaluating my picks for the Qatar Email List best WordPress themes as a starting point to evaluate all of the top options on the market today. For most new travel bloggers, I end up recommending they go with the free Elementor Qatar Email List WordPress theme to get your blog off the ground and stay on a smart budget. Elementor WordPress Page Builder for Your Travel Blog After installing your theme, it’s time to load up a few Qatar Email List WordPress plugins that’ll add some additional functionality to your travel blog. Install These 4 Functional Travel Blog Plugins Just like a theme, a plugin is a (smaller) piece of software that enhances the look, feel and features of your travel blog.

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