Luckily, this process has become extremely easy to do—and is Portugal Email List very affordable too (less than $3.00/mo). What is blog hosting? A hosting service is a company that owns servers and has the technology to make (and keep) your blog Portugal Email List available online. Because of the important role your hosting platform plays in blogging, you’ll want to you invest in a reliable hosting plan from day one. Failure to do so could Portugal Email List mean your blog is offline at times, losing you valuable readers and telling search engines that your site isn’t reliable. One of the most reliable hosting services, and the one I (and many other bloggers) highly recommend, is Bluehost. Not only is Bluehost one of the best all around web hosting services on the market for the past 20 years.

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But they’re also extremely affordable—especially Portugal Email List considering that their plans come with a free domain name included. You can expect to get your blog hosted on Bluehost for $2.95/mo, which includes access to their 24/7 technical support team as well. Bluehost Hosting for Your Travel Blog (Screenshot of Sign Up Page) Portugal Email List Another great reason to go with Bluehost for your travel blog hosting, is that they also include a “one-click” WordPress installation immediately after you’ve signed up. I highly recommend you use Portugal Email List WordPress to power your blog, as it is a robust content management system (CMS) that’s also super easy to use and customize the design of your blog.

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And according to recent blogging statistics, it’s Portugal Email List by far the most popular blog platform in use by millions of bloggers around the world (including me here on this blog). Now, that brings us to our next step in learning how to start a travel blog—designing the layout, look & feel of how your blog will look. 4. Design Your Travel Portugal Email List Blog Now comes one of the most exciting parts of starting a travel blog (aside from the actual traveling of course)—designing your travel blog layout. How to Design a Travel Blog on WordPress (Tutorial) This stage is important, as it determines what your visitors will see and experience Portugal Email List when they visit your travel blog. A well-designed and easy to navigate travel blog also helps build trust with your audience. So how do you design the perfect travel blog?

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