To both find your own style & message, as well as Paraguay Email List starting out in a less competitive space. 15 popular travel blog niches to explore in 2022: Budget travel Luxury travel Solo travel Remote work/digital nomad travel Female travel Paraguay Email List Backpacking Country blogging (traveling within your country) City blogging (focused on particular cities) Traveling for work Food-centric travel (visiting restaurants) Outdoor adventure travel Family travel National parks Traveling for seniors RV or van traveling (road tripping and #vanlife) As Paraguay Email List you can see, the options are truly unlimited when it comes to picking a niche for your travel blog—so the only constraints are your own imagination and what other people are interested in seeing content about. If there’s an audience of readers out there looking for inspiration.

What To Include In Your Beginner’s Guide Post.

On a certain type of travel, then there’s an Paraguay Email List opportunity to fill that need with your travel blog. A few ways you should think about narrowing your niche down, is to pick a topic area that you both (1) love and (2) has clear monetization Paraguay Email List opportunities. How do you pick a profitable travel blog niche? The first step in making sure your prospective travel blog niche has real profit potential, is to make sure there’s already an existing audience out there, craving the kind of content topics you’re considering starting a travel blog Paraguay Email List around. Do keyword research. The fastest way to estimate real world demand for your travel blog niche, is to do keyword research. That means using a free tool like Twinword Ideas or more advanced tool suite like Ahrefs, to look up the most popular keywords within your prospective travel blogging niche.

Beginner’s Guide Blog Post Examples.

This will give you an indicator of what people are Paraguay Email List actively searching for online, how many of them are seeking content on these topics and will give you insights about what they’re willing to spend money on. Conduct a Paraguay Email List competitor analysis. Competitor analysis simply means checking out what your competitors are already doing. Like it or not, every possible travel blogging niche (that’s worth getting into) will already have established competitors—but that’s a good thing. You can take a close look at their blogs, Paraguay Email List research their monetization strategies and use tools like Ahrefs to learn how they drive traffic to their blog and set up Google Alerts to monitor their activities as well. Chances are, if your competitors are profiting from their travel blogs—you can do it too.

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