To apply this highly relevant value, marketing teams and their members have to pursue different principles, philosophies, and approaches that promote adaptability and performance in adverse contexts. We refer to: 1. Be flexible and mold yourself to circumstances “Marrying” forever with old paradigms, always following the same approach – regardless of the circumstances – and not embracing changes or opportunities for improvement are anti-values ​​for the resilient mindset. On the contrary, to have resilience in marketing you need to be flexible and open your perspectives .

On the contrary, to have resilience in marketing

Only in this way will you be able to develop the inclination to adapt to the circumstances, without this implying uncertainty, fear and a VP Facility Manager Email Lists kind of “blocking” of the team’s professional skills. 2. Assume a proactive attitude in the face of problems Resilience, at the business level, is not a purely reactionary philosophy, that is, it is not just about waiting for problems to arise in order to face them. It also involves changing and striving to improve so that these setbacks do not happen.

In other words, resilience in marketing

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At least, so that the damage and impacts associated with them are much less and do not affect the service, the shopping experience and other strategic elements. In other words, resilience in marketing also demands an anticipatory attitude , especially modifying certain processes, actions and methods before they cause negative results. And it is that the fear of change and resilience will never shake hands. Turn mistakes into learning Yes, just a few lines ago.


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