This makes it clear what our specialty is and makes our blog a benchmark in the sector. Therefore, the secret formula is as follows: the more content your company can position on the results pages, the more recognized your brand will be in your area of ​​activity . Gaining authority is one of the main fruits of a good brand awareness strategy. Authority Although Google prefers not to talk about it, the details observed by companies around the world, including us at Rock Content, show that a good content structure is essential for SEO .

Authority Although Google prefers

This topic was studied in depth by HubSpot, which following a gravitational-based line of work created the famous topic clusters technique. This Audit Directors Auditors Email Lists fact shows that even complete and exceptional content depends on other quality content to achieve expressive results. In addition to achieving the coveted top position in search for highly competitive keywords, the fact that your company masterfully tackles a topic as a whole helps to strengthen its authority. user experience Every Digital Marketing professional must focus on the user experience .

This fact shows that even complete

Audit Directors Auditors Email Lists

That’s why we’re seeing major changes to Google’s guidelines that are already making websites around the world adapt. In this sense, we also have to design our content thinking about perfecting navigation, comfort and usability . Good navigability also makes it easier for search engine robots to work and increases the time visitors spend on your website. One search leads to another, and the depth a post offers can lead to more specific questions. It is there that your company anticipates and gives the buyer person solutions and answers that arise within the same topic. market data The discussion on data protection and the various laws generated in this regard in all Latin American countries are, without a doubt, one of the topics of the moment.

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