These changes and their positive impact on your WordPress site…so you don’t have to do any SEO audits of your future WordPress sites. If you’re a digital marketer or blogger, it’s important to be aware of Albania Phone Number latest trends. When you know how future content marketing predictions will affect you, you can use it to gain more reach and drive more traffic back to your blog. Almost all of 2015 and 2016 to date has been the start of many new trends, such as video marketing and 10X content.

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The rest of 2016 will see full-fledged versions of them. If you’re wondering which marketing strategies will work for you in 2016, here are my top predictions: 1) 10x content will be the new SEO: 10X Content is a Albania Phone Number concept from Rand Fishkin (Genie of Moz) that will help you thrive in the blogosphere. With so much content coming out every year it’s hard to rank an article hy most bloggers die before they even scale. With 10X Content,you can create epic content that provides. Value and is an in-depth solution to the topic you’re writing about.

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A common example of 10X content is a few articles on your website that drive major traffic to your blog. Let’s say you have 100 articles on your blog, but let’s be honest. The main traffic might come from Albania Phone Number articles. These articles can be called 10X content for your blog. How to write 10X content? To write 10X content, you must research your posts, provide in-depth solutions, and make sure the content is interactive. You must ensure that these articles have the lowest bounce rate.

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