One of the key elements in advertising and marketing in recent years is data. Those responsible for the strategy of brands and companies have realized the value of knowing consumers well. Once you know what consumers are like and what they want profiling messages and adjusting products to those needs and criteria is much easier. It is easier to offer what they want to receive. It is much easier to make it all fit much better with the audience. But at the same time that strategists have realized. With the power of data and what it can do, consumers themselves have become increasingly. Aware of its potential and the situation in which they put it.

All This Creates a Complicated and One Could Even Say Paradoxical

All this creates a complicated and one could even say paradoxical situation. Companies and brands need this information but consumers do not want to give it to them. On the one hand, and on the other hand. Consumers do not want companies to know everything about them. But they also do not want them to senarai nombor telefon send them any information and fill them with messages that are not exactly. What they are interested in receiving. Is there a way to make each other happy? In recent years, different regulations have been put in place. That has given consumers more control over their personal data. How companies access their personal information. The regulations of the european union, which generated a lot of tension between companies during its implementation, was the first big case, but it will not be the only one of the last.

Is There a Way to Make Each Other Happy? In Recent Years

But perhaps the key is not only to change the laws but rather to make consumers have a much more active part in how they position themselves and what they do with their own data, that they decide exactly what they want companies to know and what they don’t want them to use to get to them. And yes, in a way that is what the European law seeks and wants, although it is likely that consumers are not exactly clear about what happens with it (except that they had to receive thousands of emails from thousands of companies a while ago) and that when they visit a site, they end up giving by default a yes, I accept all cookies without giving it much more thought.

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