An election year is upon us in our country. It is for this reason that I found it interesting to address not the management of ideologies. But how political parties present and carry out campaigns before elections. I leave you my opinion on the evolution of what we call political marketing. Politics is the discipline that permeates and transcends the entire society. Public matters, laws, how we should be as a society. What are the values ​​that will be imposed for all these issues, are therefore these matters of the most important things, and therefore we must take care of them with great interest. In conclusion, politics is what determines our way of life, hence its great importance.

They Are the Ones Who Must Be Democratically Elected to Occupy

The people who manage politics, or rather ideologies, and who put it into operation, are politicians. They are the ones who must be democratically elected to occupy positions of power, for that purpose. Well, these politicians French Polynesia B2B List campaign at election time to gain trust, but above all the vote of citizens. It is in this area where I would like to leave my opinion. At my age, I have experienced many elections and electoral periods for national, local, regional, European? And always. Parties have done in those campaigns, and I say party because they are (through their campaign managers and advisors). The ones in charge of drawing up, designing, and applying the campaigns through political marketing.

This Does Not Mean That More and More Tools

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Reviewing what the strategies, means, tools, messages, and contents of the last elections have been. I am surprised to see that the only thing that has changed has been. The tools used, giving greater weight to social networks, to the online world. Line in general, since they have appreciated that they are important for. The electorate and its conquest, but nevertheless the strategies, contents, messages. Forms and speeches of the candidate are exactly the same as years ago. With this finding, I wonder what this means? Perhaps that political marketing interprets that its client. The voter has not evolved and therefore continues to serve the same strategies.

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