Content marketing has become the formula that brands are increasingly using to connect with consumers. The results of these formats are very good, because they are not exactly. Advertising (something to which consumers are increasingly negative and less receptive) and because they provide. What consumers are looking for in their relationship with brands (added value and information ). But when something works and when everyone seems to have started to focus directly on it. You run the risk of weighing down the format. Things can be used so much that they stop being surprising and seductive and brands. Run the risk that what they thought would give. Very positive results does not really mean much more than what they usually achieved.

This Means That Things Must Always Be Changing and That Brands

According to data from a study by the content marketing institute (cmi). Brands are increasingly determined to use interactive content. According to their statistics, three-quarters of content marketers confirm that French Business Fax List they will increase their use throughout this year. In this way, the numbers of those who are already using it will be exceeded. 53% of content marketing managers already use this format (65% when talking about content in the business market). The figures are also much higher if they are asked not how they will use. It but how they see it. 81% of those surveyed say that this type of content is much more effective when it comes to creating engagement and 79% consider that it works better when it comes to creating brand message retention. If it is combined with other traditional marketing formats.

What Is It for and What Is It What Exactly Is Interactive Marketing

French Business Fax List

Thus, there are those that in english is known as assessments and that could be translated. As evaluations (but they are formats more like tests). The formats that with several options give a personalized result (for example. The calculators that tell you what you have to earn to maintain a certain level of spending), trivial formats or surveys. The consumer participates in the content. Itself and thereby feels that he is part of it and that he is receiving an experience. For brands, this type of content allows messages to be delivered in completely. Different way and, above all, helps to draw attention to certain points.

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