If there is one thing that managers like and that has become something of an element that is always expected. It is measurement tool. The work is always marked by measuring the results that are achieved. By studying what is being done and how it is being done, and by establishing the consequences of these movements. It is the most expected and it is what is taken for granted. Nobody wants to be investing time and money in something without knowing what is being achieved with it.

Therefore, Having Statistics or a Clear System for Measuring

Therefore, having statistics or a clear system for measuring results is crucial. One only has to think, in fact. Of how – when a new system appears – after the bahrain email list enthusiasm at first for the novelty and after the positive vision of the early days. It ends up demanding that some way of measuring results appear. It ends uprising some number that marks what is being achieved as the ‘key’ to knowing the truth of what is being achieved. But are these numbers really useful or are they just another matter of positioning yourself with something in hand? That makes those who are launching the campaign or using those tools feel good?

What Worries Those Who Control Budgets These Vanity

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These vanity metrics are very present in the world of marketing, especially in digital marketing. They are so much more so that they are already one of the main problems seen on the ground when those who pay for what they have in hand are asked. The study – which has asked both CMOs and CFOs in the United States about their concerns – points out that for these managers the main problem with digital marketing is that they see it more as a focus of spending than as a space for benefits.

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