There is no doubt that expanding content production requires the commitment of companies, but, fortunately, there have never been as many resources as today to carry out this work successfully. How about living an experience up close? Request a free demo of the Ion tool and start gaining positions in this great Digital Marketing trend! Understand why brands prioritize short- and long-term effects in marketing and what the consequences of this are for branding and business success. Giuseppe Calabrian Dice 16, 20 | 5 min read short and long term effects on marketing.

Understand why brands prioritize short

If I think about the brands I’ve worked with or consulted with over the last few years, most of them in the B2B technology space, the top priority has Payroll Directors Email Lists always been to activate short-term sales . We B2B marketers often call it lead generation . Companies have spent most of their budget on short-term, bottom-of-the-funnel campaigns (and related content), hoping to boost sales in the coming quarters. I had a similar priority when I ran the marketing division of a large energy company.

Companies have spent most of their budget

Payroll Directors Email Lists

The brand was not the focus . Short-term activation campaigns and sales programs were successful in most cases. At least, that’s what I (and most marketers) think. Les Binet and Peter Field ‘s most recent. Research , Effectiveness in Context , looks at many campaigns from the IPA database, with a focus on marketing effectiveness. According to Binet and Field, the effectiveness of marketing is declining and “short term” is, in many ways, the mother of all problems in this area .

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