Content marketing has become a crucial piece in the marketing strategy of companies. Content allows consumers to be reached in a much more effective way than other systems and services. That operated in the past, which has made companies pay attention to it. The content marketing boom started a few years ago. When it became what everyone was talking about and what all the analysts were recommending. But has it been maintained now that the trending topics seem to be different? From the outset. There should be no reason why this should not be so. Unlike other trends and some bubbles that have appeared in marketing. Content marketing does have a certain reason for being in the excess of attention that was paid to. It is because it really does show that it works. Content marketing works and what makes it truly unique makes it truly unique.

Work on Content How Are Marketers Generating Content

The figures show that companies are not cutting back on investment and that they continue to bet on content marketing. In fact, as a global GetResponse study has just shown, brands and businesses are still keeping the Cameroon WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists budgets they had in the past tied to their content marketing strategy. The amounts remain the same or at least that is what happens in most of the respondents. 91.3% of those surveyed say they will keep the same amount for content marketing in their budgets and therefore will not change their strategy. The data is very positive and shows that marketers have begun to understand the value of content marketing, beyond the hype. However, you also have to keep in mind that mobile marketing and social marketing budgets will go up (or so marketers hope), which adds a bittersweet touch.

It Is Clear That They Have Money and Have an Interest in the Content

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On the other hand, the contents still continue to show certain problems. Marketers are still not clear on what they are getting with them, at least in terms of clear conversion. The contents are very important, true, but the direct effect they have is not yet known. Of those surveyed, only 20% recognized that they were able to measure the ROI of content in a really adequate and adjusted way. For all these reasons, it can be concluded that marketers know the importance of content and are able to connect with it, but at the same time, they still have to work to improve it. They still have a lot to learn and adjust a lot more.

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