(App Annie, 2020) Mobile video ad spend will be around 72% of the digital ad spend in 2021. (G2, 2020) Total digital ad spending will reach $455.30 billion this year. Thailand WhatsApp Number List (eMarketer, 2021) 55.2% of ad spend will go to display ads, and 40.2% will go to search. (eMarketer, 2021) woii0dfqw digitalmarketingstatistics3 Thailand WhatsApp Number List Paid advertising allows businesses to promote a product or service with online ads. Marketers use ads to target consumers throughout the sales funnel. If done well, you can increase sales. Not only do they help you reach more potential customers, but you Thailand WhatsApp Number List also can use ads to personalize the consumer experience — and we already know that consumers want a personalized experience.

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To make the most of paid ads, you need to Thailand WhatsApp Number List know who you want to target, what types of ads you want to use, and how much you’re willing to spend. Check out our blog post about paid search marketing to learn more. Paid ads didn’t perform as expected in 2020, but rebounded in 2021 Global ad Thailand WhatsApp Number List spend projections dropped around $20 billion because of the pandemic. (Statista, 2020) Openness to engage with social ads increased due to the pandemic. (Statista, 2020) Digital ad spending increased 12.7% in 2020, which is less than the predicted 13.6%. (eMarketer, 2021) As the ad market rebounds in 2021, digital spending will increase by 20.4%. (eMarketer, 2021)

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The amount of money invested in ads last year Thailand WhatsApp Number List didn’t meet predictions. The pandemic influenced how businesses used ads and how consumers engage with them.  Estimates show that ad spend will make a comeback this year. Ad types vary depending on the Thailand WhatsApp Number List platforms you use.  can use this information to optimize and rerank these existing pages. This is a lot easier than creating a new page.


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