There are more and more posts from ordinary people who use or carry products from well-known brands. Who are they? What do brands earn? Welcome to Influencer Marketing . It is not just a trend, in 2016 it will be strategic, so we will delve into the keys of what Influencer Marketing is , what its advantages are, how you can adapt it to your business, how to choose the right influencer, how to plan an Influencer Marketing campaign, and how to get the most out of it. best profit, it will be vital for your brand.

How relevant is Influencer Marketing? According to Nielsen’s Globa

According to nielsen’s global trust in advertising report 2015. 83% of consumers fully trust recommendations from friends and family. And 66% say they trust reviews posted online by other users. But there are people who have earned the trust of their followers and have built. A community that has allowed them to go from “User” to ” influencer “. What is the difference between an Suriname B2B List influencer and a celebrity? Celebrities have always been. A “Holy grail” for brands, because of their great reach and because they were seen as opinion leaders. But over the years and the increase in advertising in all media. The consumer understood that celebrities marry many brands and constantly change their minds.

What Advantages Does Influencer Marketing Bring to My Business

Suriname B2B List

It is native advertising. Native Advertising consists of creating content in association with a medium, which is not perceived as invasive advertising, such as banners, but rather interacts in a natural way. It is a growing technique. Just as one of the characteristics of influencers is being early adopters, which gives them advantages and authority in the areas in which they specialize, in the same way, brands that join trends earlier have their benefits. Improve your reputation. When an influencer speaks well of your brand, they are not only validating the quality of your product or service but also legitimizing your strategy to get closer to consumers.

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