Analytical tools and big data are becoming essential tools for more and more companies. Who trust that data can be the universal panacea for all their problems (improving from product development or communication with. Customers to all levels of digital marketing). But, today, this is not the most demanded digital competence for marketing executives. Rather it is the management of security and privacy that is the main priority. This is how it is revealed in a new study by the economist intelligence. Unit and cognizant to more than 400 european and american professionals, reviewed by emarketer.

That Aspect Is Placed on a Par With Web and Mobile Development

Thus, these skills would be above digital marketing, such as seo or social media. Which is essential for 41% of those surveyed, software development (40%). Analytics and big data (38%), digital strategy (35%), or the development of Malta B2B List smart products (32%). But what will happen in the next few years? According to professionals. Big data will climb positions until it becomes the most essential skill in the digital universe. This is what 43% of those surveyed believe, who have assured that mastery of big data and the. Analysis of that data will become the most demanded competence in 3 years. Above web and mobile development (40%) and marketing (40%), as well as other skills.

Technologies and Analytical Tools Are the Priority of Marketers

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Big data and data analysis will not only be the skills most in demand for digital marketing workers, but they are also becoming the priority of companies today. Because when digital transformation hit companies like a hurricane, they discovered the potential of analytical tools for better customer knowledge and better strategic decision-making. That’s why the results of another Black Ink report are not surprising, where we found that the number one priority of marketing executives is driving the adoption of technology and analytics tools.

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