SEO predictions for 2017 won’t change the world of SEO – because it will continue to evolve as it has in previous years. Most experts tend to take the safe route when it comes to making SEO forecasts, especially at the beginning of each Singapore Phone Number it is recommended that forecasts should be taken with a pinch of salt…because no matter how experienced and authoritative the author is we’ll all just know what happened at the end of that year. Having said that, the main purpose of this post is to have a constructive view of what is likely to happen in the next 12 months.

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considering SEO trends in 2016 and previous years. Sure, there will be some key changes, but beyond that, there’s little to say. It is clear that new technologies and trends will emerge and gain popularity, and some existing popular practices will disappear. So, let’s take a look at the future of 2017. 2017 SEO Predictions Mobile  Mobile, Mobil the shift from desktop to mobile. SEO Predictions For 2017 SEO Predictions For 2017 Source.

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Word Flow Focus on the phone. Sometime in early November, Google said that their indexing would start to slowly shift to mobile-first. Clearly, this is further evidence of the reality that the era of mobile search has already begun…now accounts for about 60% of total searches. This is about a 2:1 ratio between mobile and desktop. It doesn’t stop there…because further increases are expected as we enter 2017. So, it’s pretty clear that Google is moving fast into the mobile world . In fact, mobile-first indexing seems to be the inevitable result of a year (or more) of work almost entirely devoted to forcing a mindset shift from desktop to mobile.

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