These doubts are very common and even somewhat controversial. You don’t have to visit many sites to find hot discussions on the topic. What we can say is that quantity is important, especially when it comes to building authority on the web, but there is no way to define an ideal average number of posts, since there is no such information as an infallible standard for all strategies and brands. . With the exception of very specific searches ( long tail ), the content that conquers positions in the SERP generally belongs to domains that have a considerable volume of publications.

Below we list the main areas

That said, it is clear that increasing content production is important to get good results with organic traffic and SEO , but the key to getting your Risk Managers Email List brand to the top of the SERPs is the quality of your content and the effectiveness of your strategy . What are the main benefits of publishing content at scale? Below, we list the main areas benefited by the production of content at scale and highlight the advantages that this type of strategy can offer your company, regardless of what your industry is.

The consumer looks for you in the engines

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Continue reading that now comes the best! brand awareness In classic marketing, brand awareness is a qualitative measure of how much and how your consumers remember your brand or the solution you offer within a given sector. The consumer looks for you in the engines because he interprets that your company has authority in a particular topic that interests him and begins to recognize you as the brand that has the answers he needs. That is brand awareness! You may have noticed that Rock Content is present in most (if not all) of your searches related to Content Marketing.

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