With spring comes the season of upfronts in us. When the giants of television and, now also. Digital media and new online players present to large advertisers. What they are going to do and what they will offer to position their advertisements and their brand messages. Although the most mediatic of these interventions is yet to come the upfronts have already started. The edition of digital content. New fronts make it possible to know what they are going to do in the digital field and, above all, to understand where the market is going. What will dominate, and what will be the trends that will impact advertising on the network and in the digital environment.

His Help to Understand the State of Things and Above All

From the outset, this new season of upfronts has been a soberer. At least, that’s what Digiday concludes. In his observations, the digital media situation has become more complicated. Companies have been much soberer in their presentations and have opted for less massive. And grandiose elements to attract attention. Although the USA phone number list has brought some striking names and made some striking announcements, they have opted for greater sobriety. This helps to understand the state of things and, above all, how the digital market is no longer that scenario in which great promises are made without having anything really tangible in hand.

The Holistic View of the Media Is Clearer or What Is the Same

And what has happened in this negotiating season? The television giants are increasingly integrating what is happening with digital video when they do their negotiations in the upfront season. That is, they are no longer selling things separately, but rather integrating what they offer. Some industry executives even speak of a “new primetime”, which is what digital video would bring. Instead of letting the digital pure players sell digital alone or highlight it, the ‘usual’ television stations have also begun to sell their position in this field.

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